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FRP Mortar Pipe




 FRP Mortar Pipe 
  FRP pipe is consisting of resin (select food grade resin for transmitting drinking water), glass fiber and quartz sand, manufacture uses a special process. Its operating temperature is below 80 ℃, suitable for various soil. Suitable field: 1. Potable water transmission; 2. Sewage disposal; 3. seawater transmission; 4. Power plant circulating water piping; 5. Chemical corrosion media transmission; 6. Oil and gas transmission; 7. agricultural irrigation.
1.Perfect corrosion resistance, no effect on water quality:
  FRP pipes can be resistant to acid, alkali, salt, sea water, sewage without treatment, corrosive soil or groundwater, and erosion from various chemical fluids.
  2) Anti-fouling and anti-moth:
  The surface of unsaturated polyester resin is clean and smooth; it will not be defiled or attached by microorganism such as armour shellfish and fungus in the ocean sewage.
  3) Good heat resistance and frost resistance:
  In -30℃ condition, mortar pipe still has good toughness and high strength; it can be use in the range of minus 50℃ to 80℃ for a long term, it can also used in temperature above 110℃ condition with a specially formulated resin.
  4) Light weight, high strength, easy transportation and installation;
  Specific gravity of mortar pipe is 1.65-2.0, is only 1/4 of steel’s, hoop tensile strength is 180-300MPa, axial tensile strength is 60-150MPa, using socket connection, easy transportation and installation.
  5) Small frictional resistance, high transmission capacity:
  Inner wall of FRP pipe is very smooth. Roughness coefficient is 0.0084, but concrete pipe is 0.014 and cast iron pipe is 0.013. FRP pipe can significantly reduce the fluid pressure loss along the way and increase transmission capacity.
  6) Good electrical and thermal insulation:
  Insulation resistance is in the range from 1012 to 1015Ω.cm, heat transfer coefficient of FRP material is very small, only 0.23.
  7) Good wear resistance:
  8) Low maintenance costs:
  No need precaution and maintenance for rust-proof, stain resistant, insulation and thermal insulation. No need cathodic protection for underground pipe, which saving more than 70 percent of the engineering and maintenance costs.
  9) Good adaptability:
  Design pipe with different pressure class and stiffness based on client’s specific requirements.
  10) Long service life, safe and reliable.
  Laboratory simulation experiments show that: service life of FRP pipe can reach more than 50 years.
  11) Good comprehensive benefits:
  The comprehensive benefits of FRP pipe is desirable, especially the larger diameter, the lower its cost. Underground pipes can use for a long time without maintenance every year, thus it can obtain a excellent comprehensive benefits.

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